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Underground Society Labs is building products and services with the principal purpose of solving major issues that are currently restraining the potential of Solana NFTs and the broader ecosystem, while not limiting the project to solely utility.

UGS Labs forges the bridge between Brand and Utility, DeFi and NFT, as well as Solana and other blockchains.

Underground Society is an ecosystem with rich and deep lore, sense of community, and the desire to bring value to the members of our community.

Welcome to The Underground.



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The Underground Society solves a recurrent market issue, by offering the community a new way to acquire NFTs. Accordingly, Underground Society Labs is breaking the barrier between NFT and DeFi, by allowing NFT investors to leverage themselves by easily accessing liquidity to purchase NFTs. Through this access, we subsequently provide a benefit to the creators and marketplace by “unfreezing” the floor that otherwise tends to become stagnant as it rises, decreasing the volume of transactions.

Ever wanted to buy an NFT for 50% of its price and pay it off over time? That time is now.

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Talon & Staking

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$TALON is our community token.

Every Underground Society NFT holder that stakes his or her NFTs will get granted 10 $TALON tokens per day, per NFT staked. Token emission is linear, and supply is capped to 100 million tokens.

Depreciation of $TALON will be countered back by use cases for the token:

  • Get access to the auction house where NFTs will be auctioned in SOL.
  • Get access to the Cedar Pro and pay in $TALON. Create your project without spending SOL.
  • Get access to holder auctions where NFTs will be auctioned in $TALON.
  • Participate in Dutch auction WL allocation. Only paid for in $TALON.
  • Participate in Dutch auction raffles. Only paid for in $TALON.
  • PFP upgrade via $TALON for bolstered utilities.
  • $TALON will be your entry to compete in the raffles for blue-chip or desirable up-and-coming NFT projects.

On top of all of this, users will be able to pay for protocol fees as well as future developments of other tools in $TALON.

This will keep a consistent balance between emission and burn, thus warranting holders and stakers a valuable token as well as enjoying discounted access to utilities developed by the team.

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Underground Society Labs NFT collection is composed of 10000 pieces. Over 900 layers were hand drawn in an unique painting style inspired by the Underground Society’s universe. A total of 3 different factions are divided into 5 different classes, to form a total of 30 different character types that bring you into lore driven adventures.


The Zoran Republic is unstable. Decades of corruption, energy scarcity, overpopulation and political disbelief have led factions to rise and take over the city. The gap between citizens has never been so high, shoot-outs, thefts and murders have arisen and triggered divisions within the city walls.

Dear traveller, the future is in your hands. Which Faction will you choose? Will you be the one to lead your faction to victory?



Knowledge will prevail

Elite of the Zoran society, they are regarded as the brightest minds in Zoran. With them, humanity was able to recover some of its lost technology and expand their knowledge. Residing in the upper tier districts, located at the centre of the city they control politics and Zoran city services. Under their watchful eyes, “Knowledge will prevail".


Death is a Scarecrow

Headstrongs of the Zoran society, they are regarded as the daredevils of Zoran. Scavengers and explorers, they are the ones mining the Emrid stones which are vital in creating the power source of the world; the Emrid Cube. Adventurers; they are used to setting up small bases, resupply stations and mines outside the Walls all while protecting the locations of their goods from all sorts of dangers. To them “Death is a Scarecrow”.


Profit is king

Merchants and traders of the Zoran society, they are regarded as the wealthiest ones in Zoran. The world is built on the back of their economic prowess. At every alley, you can easily spot them; shops offering the latest bleeding-edge technologies but also clubs, fight pits, betting zones and all forms of entertainment. “Profit is king” to every Merchant.

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Chironex Fleckeri


Entrepreneur, Venture Capital, Web3 enthusiast. Building @UGS_Labs, Advising @Degenosaur_us. Former @Crystlfinance Crew & @HexTechProject advisor.




Shaifer2pc is a born entrepreneur and was made to form and grow the best teams. Starting his first company at 20 years old, he has created and ran multiple web2 businesses. Putting the right people in the right spot to get the job done is his specialty.




CIO & Software architect, builder for the Solana ecosystem. Experienced in Solana based NFTs and Solana, Nervos, Cronos DeFi Protocols.


Jake Mc.

Head of Business Development

Started his journey in the digital asset market in 2013. From being hooked on Bitcoin he found great interest in the underlying technology and began consulting non-profits, Hedge Funds, and VCs on the value proposition of blockchain. Close to a decade of experience in the digital asset market, lends this expertise to overseeing our business development.




Lite has an extensive background in content writing, marketing, video editing, music production, and creative direction. As a man of many hats, his unique approach to marketing for Underground Society has turned heads, bringing the edge the team envisioned during the project’s inception.


Searcher The Don

Community Manager

Web2 Engineering Manager turned Web3 Community Manager Solana NFT OG with the mission to educate the community on sustainable web3 startups.



Director of Strategic Partnerships

After spending over half a decade in the corporate world of Web 2 leading sales teams, heading partner management, and scaling small businesses, S◎LSnatcher found their home as a degen here on Solana. With their hands in multiple verticals at UGS Labs, S◎LSnatcher is a modern Renaissance man with an infectious passion for NFTs and Web 3 as a whole.



IT - Rust dev

Dev since he was 12 years old, he is completing his final year to graduate with an engineering degree in embedded systems and connected objects as well as a double degree in cybersecurity. He joined the crypto ecosystem 2 years ago by starting to develop smart contracts on Ethereum and then dApps on Solana from smart contract to front-end.



IT - Web dev

Software Engineer and Ph.D(c) in Physics. Web3 Developer @UGS_Labs.



IT - Fullstack dev

David has over 6 years of experience in web2 and 2 years of experience in web3. He developed several smart contracts on the Solana blockchain.




Monarch is an avid reader, writer, and creative mind. Veteran Editor and Web-novel enthusiast. Monarch brings magic, life, and storytelling to the Lore of the Underground Society.



3D Artist

Using his experience in Videogame Industry as a 3D Game Artist, Street Beast works closely with the creative department providing mostly 3D renders and animations to be used for marketing, lore, and cinematography.



Art director

With a background in various artistic directions, from managing music artists to being a tattoo designer, Gecko is a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to art. Working closely with his trusted crew, Gecko aims to bring life to the rich and deep art the Underground Society offers.

Underground Society 2022 - Bridging the divide

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